Culture of Consent Week

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Consent Ed was started by a small group of passionate women who were determined to make a difference on Cornell’s campus through peer-to-peer facilitated discussions on sex, consent, and social responsibility. Consent Ed has always been a place where victims and survivors could find solace, where women could learn about the resources available to them, and create a plan to teach the general student body about an issue that statistically affects 1 in 4 women in college. What began as a small group of five women four years ago has now evolved into a 130-member organization where women and men of all backgrounds, genders, and identities can get educated about consent, the reporting and confidential resources for survivors and victims, and the culture on Cornell’s campus.

We’ve been training all 13 Panhellenic chapters for some time now, and at least two members per chapter are mandated Consent Ed Ambassadors—fully trained by Gannett Health Services. Now, we’ve teamed up with the Interfraternity Council in tandem with Cayuga’s Watchers to train all 36 chapters each year and we could not be more excited to expand our message and our membership, as we recently went co-ed last spring. We’ve begun to train musical ensembles, sports teams, and freshman residences as well.

This week, Consent Ed and Cayuga’s Watchers are hosting a campaign on Ho Plaza to raise awareness about affirmative consent, resources available to students on campus, and the mission of our groups. This campaign will consist of free giveaways, a photograph campaign, resource information, and more! We are so excited to work together with Cayuga’s Watchers as we share so many similar goals in trying to keep the party safe, change the campus culture, and promote pro-social behavior. See you on Ho Plaza!

- Caitlin Gleason