Welcome Back!

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Welcome back! The Cayuga’s Watchers team is excited to spend another semester serving the Cornell community and keeping the party safe. I’d like to introduce a few new and exciting additions that we have in store for the upcoming fall semester.

The first? This blog itself. On our blog, you can expect monthly updates about our growing organization and how we are advancing our commitment to mitigate the risks of high-risk drinking. Additionally, these organizational reviews will be accompanied by various posts from employees, parents, student leaders and administrators who wish to join our discussion.

Similarly, our “Press Release” section will cover more newsworthy and serious announcements. These will include statements on broader, more contentious issues about alcohol safety or sexual assault that often spark national debate. Other press releases will regard important organizational updates.

Another exciting development is the launch of our second GiveGab fundraising campaign, in partnership with GiveGab’s “Giving is Gorges” initiative. Be sure to support our organization when the campaign launches on August 28th. Send the link around to friends, family, or whoever you know that might want to promote student safety here at Cornell.

Finally, calling all freshman! Sometime in the next few weeks, Cayuga’s Watchers will be posting up on North Campus, playing some water pong and talking to freshmen who might be interested in becoming Watchers. This year, we’re accepting applications for first semester freshmen, so that they’ll be ready to Watch at events come second semester. If you are a freshman that wants to apply, please fill out an application on our website.

Here’s to another great year of keeping the party safe.

— Drew Lord, VP Development